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This series chronicles our adventures in history. For first grade, our spine (main curriculum) was The Story of the World, Volume 1, by Susan Wise Bauer. For second grade, we used Volume 2. For third grade, we used Volume 3.

Please note that I teach to the oldest child, who is my son. I also involve my daughter, who is two years younger than the curriculum recommends, but only because she enjoys listening to the stories, coloring the maps and doing the crafts. She really does not have to do it, but she loves being with us and doing history.

We also used the Activity Book. We purchased the CDs and listened to them in the car here and there. I bought the Tests as well, but my children are too young to be tested in writing. I never used the Tests and Answer Key book. Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate.

For the second year, I did not purchase the Test Book or the CDs. Only the textbook and the activity book.

I also decided to stop ordering all the recommended books from the library. Now I choose one per chapter. I actually asked Susan Wise Bauer about it and that was her recommendation.

Most people who use this homeschool history curriculum call it, affectionately, of course, SOTW. 🙂

You may also want to check out my Pinterest Board on the subject.

These are our adventures in Volume 1. For Volume 2, click here. For Volume 3, click here.

Introduction – What Is History?

Chapter 1 – The First Nomads

Chapter 2 – Egyptians Lived on the Nile River

Chapter 3 – The First Writing

Chapter 4 – The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 5 – The First Sumerian Dictator

Chapter 6 – The Jewish People

Chapter 7 – Hammurabi and the Babylonians

Chapter 8 – The Assyrians

Chapter 9 – The First Cities of India

Chapter 10 – The Far East: Ancient China

Chapter 11 – Ancient Africa

Chapter 12 – The Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 13 – The New Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 14 – The Israelites Leave Egypt

Chapter 15 – The Phoenicians

Chapter 16 – The Return of Assyria

Chapter 17 – Babylon Takes Over Again!

Chapter 18 – Life in Early Crete

Chapter 19 – The Early Greeks

Chapter 20 – Greece Gets Civilized Again

Chapter 21 – The Medes and the Persians

Chapter 22 – Sparta and Athens

Chapter 23 – The Greek Gods

Chapter 24 – The Wars of the Greeks

Chapter 25 – Alexander the Great

Chapter 26 – The People of the Americas

Chapter 27 – The Rise of Rome

Chapter 28 – The Roman Empire

Chapter 29 – Rome’s War with Carthage

Chapter 30 – The Aryans of India

Chapter 31 – The Mauryan Empire of India

Chapter 32 – China: Writing and the Qin

Chapter 33 – Confucius

Chapter 34 – The Rise of Julius Caesar

Chapter 35 – Caesar the Hero

Chapter 36 – The First Roman Prince

Chapter 37 – The Beginning of Christianity

Chapter 38 – The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation

Chapter 39 – Rome and the Christians

Chapter 40 – Rome Begins to Weaken

Chapter 41 – The Attacking Barbarians

Chapter 42 – The End of Rome

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