Science, Not Exactly My Cup of Tea

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Words do come easy to me. Science, well, that’s another thing altogether. Science is the subject I struggle with the most in our homeschool. So I delegate it to:

Let me put it this way: I made good grades in science when I was in school because I studied hard for every subject, but I did not enjoy science.

Science experiment - dad and children

Daddy working with the kids on a science project. I gladly stood nearby, watched and took pictures.

The only science I enjoyed was Chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry, which we studied in the 11th grade in Romania. But I did not like Biology or Physics.

I just could not wrap my mind around mechanics. Oh, I could memorize facts and formulas and apply them to problems so that I could solve them and get a good grade on a test.

But it took me a long time to understand that if two trains are running in a similar direction, they approach each other at Speed 1 minus Speed 2, for instance. The weird thing is, I had no problem getting the concept that if these trains were to run toward each other, they would approach each other at Speed 1 plus Speed 2. Go figure.

For me, it is a lot easier to read a good piece of literature or to memorize the conjugation of French verbs. I love memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules. I thrive on it. But science? Eh, I could skip over it any day.

Thankfully, a homeschooling mom does not have to teach everything. So, I delegate science.

When my kids are studying with, I just sit on the sidelines and answer questions, if need be. When daddy teaches them, I just watch and record it in my homeschool planner and record book. When my son is taking a homeschool science class at Ripley’s Aquarium, I sit back and enjoy. That is my strategy and I’m sticking to it.

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