Happy New Year, 2024!

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We made it into 2024. Last year moved our homeschool from my dreams for the children into their dreams for themselves. It took me a few years but I am here and proud of it. Good parents transition into different phases and grow with their children. I like to think I am a good parent.

Happy New Year

Homeschooling has become easier because the kids are more independent and I can delegate some subjects to the co-op teachers. High school is not scary at all. Instead, it has credits and clearly defined boundaries and I love it. I wish K-8 had been this way. But what is past is past. Continue reading »

Self-Care for Homeschool Moms

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We homeschool moms stay so focused on our children and their education, that we forget ourselves in the process. We do not have enough time to invest in our appearance. Should we just admit it now? We obsess over curriculum choices and schedule options. Self-care for homeschool moms does not just happen.

Self-care for homeschool moms

Self-care for homeschool moms can include checking out a fashion magazine at the bookstore

I have been there and done that. I have neglected my own physical and emotional needs and wants. You don’t plan for this. It just happens, as you zoom into your children’s education and needs. Continue reading »