Happy New Year, 2024!

We made it into 2024. Last year moved our homeschool from my dreams for the children into their dreams for themselves. It took me a few years but I am here and proud of it. Good parents transition into different phases and grow with their children. I like to think I am a good parent.

Happy New Year

Homeschooling has become easier because the kids are more independent and I can delegate some subjects to the co-op teachers. High school is not scary at all. Instead, it has credits and clearly defined boundaries and I love it. I wish K-8 had been this way. But what is past is past.

I read my 50 books for the year and had fun, but it was rather stressful to keep up with it. It will take me a few years before I embark on that journey again. Please allow me a few more days to finish the blog posts about the books.

For 2024, my goal is simple: step up the self-care routine. This includes napping daily, walking daily, more consistent skincare routine, meditate with the Medito app (10 minutes daily is sufficient), and really prioritize my personal comfort over accomplishing goals.

Workaholism has taken a toll on me and I am learning to slow down and enjoy every moment. Mindfulness and breathing help towards that goal. By doing this for myself, I am showing the kids how to lead “the good life” – a very valuable lesson.

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