Week 11 – Done

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We still cannot homeschool full time due to the recent death in the family and its aftermath. There are many tasks we have to do and this is the time to do it. Nothing can wait.

Food Ministry Donation

Our daughter next to our truck, full of donations for the Food Ministry Second Hand Store

One day at a time, we wake up, discuss the situation, and decide which subjects we can tackle and which subjects we can leave for Christmas break. We already see ourselves doing some school through the end of December and the beginning of January. Continue reading »

Thoughtful Thursday Week 13 – Homeschooling and Real Estate

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In the world of homeschooling moms, there are those who wonder about becoming a REALTOR “on the side.” I received several questions about what this subject, so I will address it here in this post.

Let’s start with the most obvious questions: should you get a real estate license while homeschooling the children? Would that be something that can produce an easy stream of income?

The answer is, “You can get a real estate license while homeschooling the children, sure. No, it will not produce an easy stream of income.” Real estate is hard work. You work on commission, which means you might work hard for a whole month and get $0.00. Many transactions do not close. To get to a contract, you must show and list a lot of homes. That takes time and resources. The average REALTOR makes about $32,000 a year, but you would be hard-pressed to find a REALTOR who makes that kind of money “on the side.”


After 10 years in the real estate business, I am getting ready to retire my license. I do not know when I will take it out of retirement again. I do know that since I became a mom I focused on my children so much, real estate got put on the back burner. I lost interest.  Continue reading »