Family History Day

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Tennessee State Library and Archives will be open to the public for the fifth Family History Day. The event can become your new family tradition. A lot of Tennesseans have taken to discovering their roots.

Tennessee State and Library Archives

The archives will be open to the public under the guidance of library staff. This is when you can look things up and learn more about your great-great-great-great grandparents. Family genealogy is fascinating.

My husband is a third generation Tennessean. His paternal grandparents moved here from Louisiana. So there would not be as much about them in these archives either. On his mother’s side, though, we could find more information, as they came from Tennessee.

It sure would be fun to look up things about them, just to see what pops up. Maybe when the kids get older.

I know for a fact that I do not have Tennessee ancestors, but lots of you living in the Volunteer State might. Watch this 18-minute video about the power of archives to enrich your life.