Mom Monday Week 15 – Bring Sunscreen!

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This school year is drawing to a close – our first official homeschool year. We have only forty more days and then my son’s kindergarten experience will become a memory. Surreal.

And, it’s spring. I take that back. It’s summer already. After several days with temperatures in the upper 70s and even 80s, I feel like it is summer. Somebody on Facebook was telling summer she was not ready for it yet. She wanted more spring. Living in the South (of the United States) certainly has taught me spring and fall are short. Summer and winter seem long.

Bring Sunscreen! Mom Monday Week 15

So, as we head into the summer months, the one thing to remember is to apply sunscreen. I know you know that. I’m bringing it up because I recently had to see my dermatologist for a spot on my arm that did not look like any of my moles. She decided to remove it right then and there. It was small enough, but different enough.  Continue reading »