Involve Your Relatives in Your Kids’ Education

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Home education can greatly benefit from the help and involvement of your family. According to the Harvard Family Research Project, getting your relatives involved in your kids’ education can make a big difference in how well children adjust and how much they learn. But what exactly is family involvement and how can you make your relatives important in your kids’ education?

Find out how your kids learn – Before you seek to involve your relatives, find out how your children learn. Not all children understand things in the same way, so if your child is a visual learner, he will need different help from an auditory learner. For more information about your child’s unique learning style, you can check out Scholastic. Once you have established this, it will be easier to prepare activities and exercises that are suitable to your kids’ needs.

Set structure and routine – For successful parent and relative involvement, you need to set certain activities and timetables for your kids. Setting structures and routines at home – for example, every Tuesday afternoon, Uncle Edward teaches Spanish, or every Sunday the grandparents come to read stories – makes learning a priority. Be as consistent as possible in maintaining that structure.  Continue reading »