Lessons from the Nineteenth Week

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We took ill again this week. My daughter and I started with a sore throat followed by a cough and general fatigue. We did as much school as we could until she said, “I am really tired. I think I have to go lie down.” My daughter never want to take naps or sleep, so I knew she was ill for real.

Piano Recital

Our daughter playing at the recital

I let her take it easy for the next two days, especially because she had a piano recital on Sunday. We wanted to make sure she would have most of her energy back. As it turns out, she and her brother did very well at the recital. Continue reading »

How to Prepare for College Free Webinar

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I am excited to announce a new partnership between HomeschoolWays.com and UniversityReady.com. It all starts with a free webinar, High School Simplified, on August 8, at 3pm EST. The topic is, in a nutshell, how to prepare for college.

UniversityReady.com helps families be ready for college. Besides test preparation, they will give you a way to sift through the many choices and opportunities available.

How to prepare for college webinar

Personally, I have always wanted to learn how to prepare for college. Some homeschoolers do not necessarily see college as a goal for their children. I do.


Degree or no degree?

Sometimes, a computer whiz starts his own IT consulting business at 16. As he progresses, no college professor can teach him anything anymore. Sure, we understand such situations exist. Continue reading »