How to Deal With Symptoms of Stress in Your Child

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As children are constantly growing and learning, we get used to them going through different stages and fussy phases. One day they’ll relish your pot pie and ask for more; the next time you serve it they’ll refuse to take a bite. While these behaviors are typical in growing kids (and sent to make us stronger), if you notice that your child is consistently acting out, is unusually aggressive or irritable, distant, or not sleeping well, they could be experiencing symptoms of stress, rather than a passing phase.

There are many ways that stress can manifest in your kids, but generally, a parent knows when their child is simply not being themselves. They may lose their appetite, throw sudden tantrums, or begin to grind their teeth. Teeth grinding (or bruxism) is actually fairly common in children, with as many as 3 in 10 suffering from it at some point. If your child starts complaining of earache, or pain in the jaw area, then you should check if a dental night guard would ease their discomfort until they outgrow the condition.  Continue reading »