Cohutta Springs Paintball Camp

Our son chose to attend the paintball camp at Cohutta this year. So far, he has gone there eight times, we think. He started going when he was 7, but missed a couple of years because of the pandemic and then one year he just did not want to go.

Mom and teenage son at Cohutta

My son and I at Cohutta Springs this morning

This year, he decided to try not a regular camp, where they rotate through different activitie, but a rad camp. A rad camp at Cohutta specializes in only one thing, which you choose. It could be wake boarding, arts and crafts, wilderness survival, paintball, you name it.

Our son wanted paintball because he really enjoyed that particular activity the year before, during the different rotations. So we drove him there today and he will have fun, for sure.

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp Lake

We took a walk around the lake and loved the views from every angle.

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp is in Georgia and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. As we waited for registration to open, we took a hike around the lake and spotted two deer, a small snake, and lots of geese.

It is not as hard to leave him behind at camp as when he was younger than 10, but it is still an experience. A tug at the heart takes place when we leave that campus without him in the car.

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