Summer Down Time

When your homeschool is on summer break, you should also be on summer break. These are the dog days of summer, when you can take it easy and schedule some fun things for yourself.

Woman posing in the field

Posing just for fun

Taking Care of Mamma must be a mantra you repeat to yourself throughout the school year and especially during a break. Put your oxygen mask on first, then assist your children. It is basic training for survival.

In this vein, I took an hour and scheduled a photo shoot for me, myself, and I, with a good friend who has a photography business.

Woman posing in a field

Taking it easy

You might think it is vain, but hear me out, it is not. How many pictures of our children do we take throughout the year? Are we not allowed to have one photo session for ourselves once a year?

I say, go for it. Capture yourself through a photo session. If this stresses you out, do something else which relaxes you. Go shopping, take a short trip, go on frequent walks by yourself, bake a wonderful dessert you like etc.

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