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Adriana Zoder is a TEDx speaker, polyglot, homeschooling mom, author, homeschool conference speaker, blogger, and newspaper columnist. I am married to my best friend. We have two healthy children, our greatest treasure. Our son is in tenth grade (school year 2023-2024). Our daughter is in eighth grade. We have been homeschooling them since Day 1 of Preschool. We live in Gatlinburg, TN – the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


My Books

FREE – 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool

101 Tips for Preschool at Home

101 Tips for Kindergarten at Home

101 Tips for First Grade Homeschooling

101 Tips for Second Grade Homeschooling

101 Tips for Third Grade Homeschooling

Life in the Smoky Mountains – Gatlinburg Through the Eyes of A Local

The Homeschooling Mom’s Devotional Journal – 52 Days to a Stronger Homeschool


The Izzy Foreign Language Series – Volume 1 

Kitten in the Storm – English-Romanian

Kitten in the Storm – English-Danish

Kitten in the Storm – English-Russian

Kitten in the Storm – English-German

Kitten in the Storm – English-Italian

Kitten in the Storm – English-Spanish

Kitten in the Storm – English only


Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is eclectic, with a classicalCharlotte MasonMoore Formula emphasis. Our school spirit has something to do with black bears, as these creatures visit our backyard on a regular basis.


About Homeschool Ways

This blog tells the story of our homeschooling journey while sharing ideas and information relating to homeschooling in general. I review curriculum, books and educational kits, and experiment with different schedules and methods.

In homeschooling, there is no one-size-fits-all approach or method. Children learn in so many different ways. That’s the beauty of homeschooling: it allows for a tailored approach.

In this blog, I talk about our experience. You are entitled to your own opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas listed on this blog, you are welcome to comment. For your information, comment moderation is turned on.


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You can email me: blog (at) homeschoolways (dot) com.


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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adriana,
    I have been pouring through your beautiful website and really enjoying it! I am a first-year homeschooling mom to my youngest son (finishing 3rd grade). I am working on my own blog to promote reading at the same time at http://www.mythreereaders.com, and have found your site to be inspirational! 🙂
    Thank you!

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  3. Draga Adriana,

    Acum am descoperit blogul tau, prin intermediul altuia (https://discoveringtheworldthroughmysonseyes.blogspot.ro/2013/10/raising-multilingual-children-blogging.html).
    Nu am apucat sa citesc foarte mult din ceea ce scrii si faci impreuna cu copiii tai, insa, ca vorbitor de limba romana, dar si de franceza, iti trimit link-uri catre doua bloguri preferate:



    Enjoy! 🙂


  4. Dear Adriana,
    I was impressed by your abilities to speak so many languages and it is a wonderful job you are doing with your children!
    I am talking to my 2,5 years old son Romanian – Moldavian language (you might know the differences) and the second language at home is Greek. I am almost 15 years in Greece and having no way to communicate in my native language I began to forget some expressions and the worst is when I cannot find an appropriate translation for the new words my child is learning.
    Is there any possibility to build a multilingual dictionary on your site? Because even Wikipedia or Google cannot cope with this.
    And I was wondering what kind of material you are using for audio and reading?
    Currently I translate any books we have into Romanian, we have a good collection of Spiridon Vangheli’s books (Guguta) – check this out if you do not know him, he is a great writer. But when it comes to movies, because I want my son to be exposed to audio material too, we watch “Maria Mirabela”, “Ion Creanga – amintiri din copilarie”, “Veronica”. Which are great, but something more recent would be good too. Is there anything appropriate (not including jargons and violence) to be seen at this age?
    Thank you kindly!

    • Dear Tatiana,
      I would love to build a multilingual dictionary on my site. Sure, let’s be better than Google and Wikipedia. 🙂
      I have several ideas in the works. Gand la gand cu bucurie – expresia asta nu ai uitat-o, sper. 🙂 Great minds think alike.
      As to movies, I have stayed away from them because of my research on the harm TV causes to the brain of small children. But those are great movies to show them in small bites – my children get only 30 minutes of screen time daily.
      I would do a google.ro search for other titles.
      My sister, who lives in RO, has brought me many books. I will do a post on them. I will have to check out Vangheli’s books.
      Thanks for all the great ideas.

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