Robotics Revolution

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Every August, The Muse organizes a trade show which focuses solely on robots. It’s called Robotics Revolution. We decided to go to it this year, which was their second show ever. Next year, I will have this on my calendar. It is too good to miss.

Robotics Revolution Knoxville

Telling the robot to pick up a pipe and drop it in the bucket

One hour is not enough to spend over there. Most booths have robots the kids can handle and program. There are tables with LEGO pieces and my children spent 30 minutes just building different structures – as if they have not seen LEGO bricks in a month. It strikes me as ironic because, on most days, our living room carpet is strewn with LEGO bricks.

Robotics Revolution 2016

Girls complain they do not feel nurtured in the sciences, so I made sure our daughter got a turn

Oak Ridge National Laboratories also brings several teams of scientists and interns to walk participants through a series of experiments, from creating an electric circuit to looking through a microscope at a 3D-printed ladybug and more.

Girl plays with a robot kitty

Playing with the robot kitty

If you want to start a First LEGO League team, this is the show to visit and make contacts. You can also learn from the pros. There are homeschoolers in the Oak Ridge and Knoxville area who have been winning trophies for years. One can learn from them and establish some good contacts.

Boy and girl building with green LEGO bricks

Three tables with green LEGO bricks welcomed builders of all ages.

This event happens in the Jacob Building at Chilhowe Park in Knoxville, TN. When driving on I-40, take the Zoo Exit and come toward the Zoo Drive and Entrance. Make a left before you reach the parking area, as if you were headed to The Muse or to the lower parking area. Stay on the left side of the pond. The Jacob Building is the large structure on your left (you should see lots of stairs to get to it), with parking in front and behind it.

If you get your tickets ahead of time, as we did, you will enter through the door which reads, “Ticketed Families” and they will locate you on their list. It would be a good idea to have your confirmation email from The Muse available on your smart phone in case there is a glitch in the system.