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“Where do your children go to school?” the gentleman bagging our groceries asked my husband. “My wife homeschools them,” he answered, pointing to me. The man turned toward me and said, “If you can pull it off, I’d homeschool them all the way through high school.”

Pumpkin Patch Babies

Taken eight years ago. These babies have grown up too fast. Hard to believe we are planning high school.

We have accomplished a lot of things this year and I have blogged about most of them. But the most important message the Universe, or God, if you will, has sent me starting this summer is that I should homeschool through high school. Several people have suggested it, prophesied it, encouraged it, and provided guidance and products for it. They have come to me. I have not come to them. The grocery store man represents the latest example of such messengers.  Continue reading »