For a recovering perfectionist such as I, learning the difference between a routine and a schedule was both liberating and frustrating at the same time. I like things just so. I plan and I execute. And yet. And yet. And yet. I am leading two lambs. I must keep that in mind at all times, especially when I get in my “let’s get it done” mode. If I want them to follow me, I need to go at the speed of the lambs. Thankfully, I don’t have 25 lambs to lead – although at times these two sure feel like 25.

It was liberating because it allowed me to focus on a routine (e.g. first breakfast, then brush teeth) rather than on the clock. It was frustrating because I finally had to accept the limitations of my situation. No matter how much I want to achieve, I will always be limited by how much my children are able or motivated to achieve. That is a tough thing to accept for yours truly.

What about you? Have you gotten activities down to a routine? Are you able to stick to a schedule?

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