While we acknowledge that learning happens all the time and anywhere, when it comes to the curriculum we have planned, we study five days a week.

We take a field trip about once a month, which may or may not happen on a school day.

Once a week, we attend the Story Hour at the Library. Besides the fact that we like the program, this outing gives us a chance to return and check books out and socialize.

Once a month, we plan to attend science classes at Ripley’s Aquarium, designed for homeschoolers. This will be our first year trying it out.

Every other week, we attend a scouting-type of club at our church, called Adventurers.

We also attend church every week, if everybody is feeling well.

3 thoughts on “Weekly/Monthly

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  2. Hi I love your blog. I came across it in learning more about the Moore method for homeschooling. Im about to embark on our first year of homeschooling and was wondering if I should do some kind of coop once a week. My son is 6 and very social. Im currently using God creation and Me a unit Study gentle approach to “school”. I was wondering if you think adventurers would be enough for socialization? How is your science group going?

    • Co-ops are not necessary for socialization. Please read that sentence again. 🙂 Co-ops were created because some parents could not teach higher level math or French or high school science. That’s the only reason to take your child to a co-op.

      If we think of co-ops as outlets for socialization, then we tell the world we think school-type socialization is what we are missing as homeschoolers. Our homeschooled children get plenty of opportunities to be social, i.e. to interact with other human beings in a variety of settings. Age-segregated classrooms are not the ideal setting for a “socialized” person.

      Adventurers, church and an occasional trip to the play ground with or without friends you know already are plenty of socialization. I am sure you take your child along to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment, family outings/reunions, birthday parties, LEGO Club, art class etc etc etc. That’s my opinion, as well as the opinion of Diana Waring and Dr. Jay Wile (founder of Apologia). 🙂

      Science group? 🙂

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