The Last Month of the School Year

For many of us, April represents the last month of the school year. Sure, we homeschool through the middle of May sometimes, depending on how the 36 weeks hit and where they begin. But, for sure, by the middle of April, we find ourselves facing the last month of the school year.

Teenage boy formal attire

My son at a recent formal event

There is a joke in our homeschool community that in August we all hit all sorts of goals and follow planning sheets. By April, the joke continues, we just tell our kids, “Read something.” Well, not quite.

My children take the SAT in May, so we need to keep our game strong. That means math every day and really working on skills that still need strengthening. It also means we keep going through our English and US History curriculum in order to get to at least the magical 80% mark of the material.

Here’s to finishing strong! Let’s do this, homeschool parents! Let’s do it right!

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