Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 34

Chapter 34 took us back to my favorite ancient civilization – Rome. The story of Julius Caesar touched us all in a profound way. They were amazed by his ambition and life.

Boy with leaf crown

My JC wearing a leaf crown and a shirt declaring, “I will.” A coincidence, but a fitting one.

This is why I love homeschooling so much. I had fun in school growing up. Learning to me is a pleasure and a lot of fun. When I teach my children, I re-live those moments of my childhood when I had fun learning. On the other hand, when I learn new things in order to present them to my children, it’s fun also, because I love to study and find out new things. 

We made Julius Caesar’s leaf crown by stapling the crown together first.

Leaf Crown Base

We measured their heads and stapled accordingly.

My son got leaves from outside, but then we got busy with other things and he did not staple them. The next morning, I found them dried and crumpled up on the desk. So we used some leaves from craft flowers instead. This way, our leaf crown will have lasting power.

We also played “Ransom Julius Caesar” as directed in the activity book. It was a lot of fun because of its simplicity. Even my five-year-old could play it and understand what is required of her.

Ransom Caesar Game

We used play coins for Caesar and to mark locations.

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