Mom Monday Week 11 – Mommy and Me

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Can you believe one fifth of this year has become a memory already? Time flies when you’re having fun homeschooling.

The rain threatened to ruin our Sunday, but I made an effort to stay positive yesterday. I took time to play “Bible Go Fish” and “Sorry” with the kids. They squeal with delight as they tell each other to go fish. I try to focus on that and be mommy, even though I take mental notes of their counting and matching skills.

Little girl with dolly

My daughter with her baby doll

My son was reading the cards while waiting for his sister to check her cards for what he asked. These Bible Go Fish cards contain different reasons to thank God, from pets, to a loving family, to Jesus Himself. A cross-curricular activity indeed, if we needed to use education jargon to describe this game.  Continue reading »