Five More Years

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I hinted in my post about 2022 in review that we have five more years with the kids before they both go to college. Actually, it is five years with the youngest. The oldest is in ninth grade, which means we only have three more years with him at home. I am not counting the next semester.

Christmas tree with gifts

Our 2022 Christmas tree with some of the gifts for the kids

When our oldest was eight years old, I wrote a post about having him at home for 10 more years. I re-read it recently and smiled. He is 15 now. Where have the last seven years gone? Continue reading »

How To Go To College For Free

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My son has a birthday coming up soon. He will be nine. The last nine years have gone by fast. That’s an understatement, of course. Any parent knows that statement is an understatement. Parents of college students tell me that the next nine years will go by even faster, though it does not seem possible. I trust them, though, and I am bracing.

TN Governor Bill Haslam explains Tennessee Promise

TN Governor Bill Haslam explains Tennessee Promise.

I am also looking into the College Nebula. Here’s what I have found out so far: Continue reading »