Why Communication is Key for Your Child’s Emotional Health

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Every parent wants to raise confident children with healthy social and emotional development. A crucial component of this is their ability to effectively communicate. Children must have the foundational speech and language skills to understand the world around them, develop strong interpersonal relationships, and process their internal emotions.

Unfortunately, nearly 8% of children grow up with some type of communication difficulty. This can affect a child’s social and emotional well-being in different ways depending on their age and condition. For example, younger children who are unable to clearly process and articulate their thoughts feel frustrated. This can lead to outbursts and behavioral issues.

Leanne Sherred, Expressable President

Older children may experience a variety of challenges. For example, children that stutter may fear being teased or ostracized by their peers. This leads to low self-esteem and isolation. Additionally, children that have a developmental language disorder often know exactly what they want to communicate but have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings. These children may exhibit short-temperedness due to their inability of having their needs heard and met. Continue reading »