Tuesday Tome Week 26 – The Man Who Loved China

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Simon Winchester, the author of The Man Who Loved China, is quite an accomplished writer. This book is the biography of Joseph Needham, a Cambridge professor who learned Chinese and traveled to China to learn about the history of science in China. While there, he discovered what the Western world did not know: that the Chinese had discovered many, many things way ahead of the Europeans. At the end of the book, Winchester compiled a list of Chinese discoveries and the year they were used in China for the first time.

The Man Who Loved China

Personally, I love biographies. Even if I don’t agree with the person’s morality or political leanings, I still love a well-written biography. In this case, I did not agree with Needham’s lifestyle choices (he had an open marriage) or his Communist leanings, but I enjoyed the book because I learned so much from it. Continue reading »