From all the curricula I have perused, I chose the following for my son’s kindergarten year (2013-2014):

1. Reading

a. The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise

b. Modern Curriculum Press readers

c. Various other readers (Dick and Jane, Clifford, Biscuit, Frog and Toad etc.)

d. Library story time

e. Reading lists like those found in Five in a Row, Books Children Love, 1000 Good Book List

2. Writing

a. Cursive First

b. Spell to Write and Read

c. Cursive writing workbooks from Romania

3. Arithmetic

a. Singapore Math

b. Manipulatives (teddy bear counters, blocks, LEGOs, DUPLOs, clocks etc.)

c. Rod and Staff (Preschool 4 and 5)

d. Life of Fred

What about you? Which kindergarten curriculum do you prefer?

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