TeenPact NatCon

Our son just returned from a week in Cleveland, TN where he participated in TeenPact NatCon. The National Conference for TeenPact, this camp prepares teenagers to become leaders and to understand the political process, while strengthening their Christian worldview.

TeenPact NatCon Audience

TeenPact NatCon Audience

This conference brings together 1,000 homeschoolers from 50 states and it happens only two hours away from our house. So many have to fly in or drive for umpteen hours to get here.

For the past eight years, our children have attended the TeenPact State Class in Nashville. Our son wanted to participate in the National Conference but our daughter did not show an interest.

Every state has a TeenPact State Class. Look for yours.

When we picked our son up and peppered him with questions, he only had good things to report. My husband asked him, “What was the worst part of this camp?” Our son replied, “The worst part? There was no bad part.”

He enjoyed the worship and fun presentations, the political process complete with TeenPact National Elections, playing ultimate frisbee, and making friends in small groups.

Check out the videos on the website. You can also see the daily schedule, so you have an idea of how they run the conference.

We could not recommend TeenPact more if you have an interest in teaching your homeschooler to become a leader with a Christian worldview.

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