Summer Break Goals

Without a vision, the people perish. Unless we write down the vision, the goals we have for our homeschool, we will not accomplish them. So I hope you are writing down your goals for every school year and every school break you have.

Teenagers at Cumberland Gap National Park

My children having fun with a sign which said “trail” twice, at Cumberland Gap National Park

Here are some of our goals for the summer:

  • we finish the US History curriculum;
  • we work through a few lessons in Algebra II, which should be done
  • harp lessons continue
  • children work at dad’s business as needed (Zoder’s Inn and Suites)
  • children work at mom’s business as needed (Smoky Mountain Soaps, LLC)
  • son attends two camps (TeenPact NatCon and Cohutta Springs)
  • daughter attends one camp (Cohutta Springs)
  • children read five books (mom chooses one title)
  • we reorganize the garage
  • one camping trip
  • one trip to Romania
  • weekly hikes

Goal must be specific and realistic, but feel free to ask big. God says we have not because we ask not. If we ask for nothing, we will get nothing. If we ask for a little, we will get a little.

Don’t be afraid to ask God for great success in your homeschool. And please write down your goals. You will thus join the 1% of the people in this world who actually accomplish their dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Break Goals

  1. Dear Adriana, Thank you so much for all your years of dedication to encouraging fellow homeschooling families. Praise God! And thank you for sharing your goals. I am encouraged & I’m sure other families are, too!

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