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One of the reasons I homeschool is that I believe in delayed academics. Preschool and kindergarten seem incredibly overrated nowadays, probably because I went to school at six and a half. It was called first grade and I did fine.

Horizons Preschool (K4) Curriculum Set

There is a time to order a curriculum set in a box – like when you don’t have time or energy to hunt for free printables online, as nice as they are.

Preschool does not mean worksheets, but worksheets may be a part of a solid preschool experience. So what does a proper preschool experience look like?

  • free play with simple toys (no batteries, please)
  • time spent outside – nature walks, playground, gardening, tricycle riding
  • story time at the library
  • parents reading appropriate books out loud, at least 20 minutes daily
  • painting
  • drawing with crayons or chalk
  • sculpting with play dough (here’s a recipe)
  • helping in the kitchen
  • dusting furniture
  • helping with laundry
  • listening to classical and sacred music
  • singing
  • introduction to family’s religious values
  • cleaning up play room and own bedroom
  • some worksheets if preschooler shows interest

My preschooler is a girl who loves worksheets. For next year, I ordered the Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set from Alpha-Omega Publications. Since I don’t always have the time or energy to look for appropriate free printables online, I wanted a reliable source of “seatwork” I can reach for whenever she says, “I want to do school.”

Their sample sheets online gave me a good idea of what the books will be like. However, it was my first time dealing with this company and I had more in-depth questions. I did not want to order online until I spoke with someone. The lady who helped me was super nice.

If you, too, would like to ask questions and, maybe, order over the phone, call Kathy Nelson at Alpha Omega Publications. Her direct number is 1-800-811-8066 Ext # 4336. I receive no kickbacks from recommending her or this product.