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Last Thursday, my husband spotted an article in our local newspaper about a coding camp. One week later, I was sitting in the office of the director of Code College on the campus of Walter State Community College (Sevierville campus). My children were present and they duly logged into their Scratch accounts and showed the professor their work. We also brought our four books on coding which we have used a bit here and there.

Learn to Program With Scratch cover

The best book of the four: Learn to Program With Scratch

But I am getting ahead of myself. Here’s what happened in the seven days since we read the newspaper article…  Continue reading »

Scratch and Code

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Which would you rather have: a son who plays video games or a son who makes video games? The latter, of course. I agree. The same goes for daughters.

So we started our son on coding. A boy who reads well, our son has no problem walking himself through a book like Super Scratch Programming Adventure. He was really excited about all the things he could do with Scratchy, the cat on the screen.

Book on how to learn coding

The perfect book to start learning how to code

The book itself contains nine stages, each with a page of comics-style adventures and then the exercises which should be done on the computer to continue the adventure.  Continue reading »