French Friday

In my book, homeschooling is not complete without the study of foreign languages. On some Fridays, I post a French lesson under the blog tab. Then, I also add it to this tab, for easy access.

So on this page you will find all the links of the French Friday Series as I build it. Check back regularly, please.

French Friday Series

Every Friday I post a French lesson on the blog and then I add it to the French Friday tab

French Friday – Days of the Week, Months of the Year – flash cards

French Friday – Alouette – the famous song – body parts

French Friday – Top 10 French Words – great place to start or strengthen your French vocabulary

French Friday – Être et Avoir – To Be and To Have

French Friday – Numbers 1 to 20 – flash cards

French Friday – Colors – flash cards

French Friday – Thanksgiving – flash cards

French Friday – Weather – Le temps – flash cards

French Friday – 4 Calendar Vocabulary Games – Days of the Week

French Friday – 7 Ways Modern Technology Helps Me Raise Multilingual Children

French Friday – L’Alliance Française de Knoxville

French Friday – French Play Group Lesson Plan Numéro 1

French Friday – Play Group Meeting Numéro 1

French Friday – Allons Danser! CD Review

Bringing Up Bébé Review – a book about French parenting

French Friday – Petra Lingua Review

French Friday – French Women Don’t Get Fat

French Friday – Tu ou vous?

French Friday – Madeleine Cookies

French Friday – King Cake, a French Tradition

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5 thoughts on “French Friday

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  2. Thank you so much for posting all of these! I am just beginning to study French myself, and am hoping to slowly practice it with my toddler, who speaks Spanish and English. I have been looking for simple resources in French for when we get started. Will be following your blog!

  3. Thank you so much for providing these French lessons. I learned French in high school, but have not really used it since. I think your “French Fridays” are going to be a big confidence builder for me, and something I can jump in and just do. I love your blog, by the way!

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