French Friday, Calendar Flashcards

For my Friday post, I decided to upload a couple of resources for learning French. These are for you to use in your homeschool or after school language learning efforts. For more French Friday resources, click here.

I made some flash cards for you to download and print. The PDF links are below. You can use them with either reading or non-reading students. The first page of each PDF file will give you instructions on how to incorporate them in your daily routine, but I am sure you can figure other ways to use them.

If you need further help with the pronunciation, – and who doesn’t? – click on the youtube videos. I chose some neat songs to help reinforce pronunciation and help with memorization. We retain information better if we learn it in a song.

I placed the videos right here for your convenience. Feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it as needed.

My plan is to create more of these lessons and upload them all in a special tab by themselves on my blog. Coming soon. Sign up for email updates so you don’t miss it.

Until then, enjoy the days of the week as well as the months of the year in French below.

Click on the PDF link under each picture and save and print your flash cards as needed. The pronunciation video follows.


Les jours de la semaine

 Days of the Week in French PDF link


The months of the year in French

 Months of the Year in French PDF link


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What a fun activity to add to your calendar moments every morning. For five minutes a day, you and your homeschooling students can solidify French knowledge and stimulate neurons. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “French Friday, Calendar Flashcards

  1. Thank you! We just started French and loved that you sounded out the words on the flash cards!
    Our favorite subject after Bible in our homeschool is languages nowadays. Its just play to them. It’s fun to see a blog that has a love of Jesus and languages. Many Blessings-Johnson family

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I’d love to teach our son French in the future as I’m fluent in the language and lived in France for three years. As he’s only six months old and we’re already bringing him up with two languages (Welsh and English) here in Wales, I think that we’ll probably leave it a year or two before adding French to the mix. It’s great to know about these resources so I’ll definitely be bookmarking them.

    • You are welcome. Planning ahead – that’s smart. I do that all the time in my parenting. 🙂 Welsh is such an interesting language. Your son has a definite advantage, being brought up bilingual.

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