Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 17

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Story of the World vol. 4 chapter 17 covers China’s troubles. From the Boxer Rebellion to the Czar and the Japanese Admiral who end up fighting over bits and pieces of China, we travel to the East again.

Balloon torpedo craft supplies

Balloon torpedo craft supplies

This is an intricate chapter. I am glad I decided not to complete the outline of the stories in volume 4. Even I would not be able to do it without going back and forth several times between the book and the worksheet. Continue reading »

Story of the World, Vol. 3, Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 is titled “China and the Rest of the World.” It is meant to contrast how the Chinese viewed themselves versus how the world (mainly Great Britain) saw China. If you ever needed a conversation starter on the topic of illegal drugs, this would be it.

Girl throwing clay on toy pottery wheel

Working with air dry clay and a toy pottery wheel

By now, you know I use these history lessons to make applications to our daily lives. Because the opium trade is discussed in the second story of the chapter, this was my opportunity to cover the bad long-term consequences of drugs. Continue reading »

Story of the World, Vol. 3, Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 dealt with Ch’ien Lung (Qianlong) in two different stories. The first focused on his interest in books. Ch’ien Long was a patron of the arts in general, but he really, really liked books. He knew there were lots of books all over China and he wanted them in one place, for posterity. Yes, it sounds like he wanted a library.

Chi'en Lung (public domain picture)

Chi’en Lung (public domain picture)

He sent men all over China to gather up these volumes and split them into four categories. Then, he ordered them copied so that he may have nine copies of each. Of course, they copied them by hand. Continue reading »