Book 7 of 50 – The Pearl

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John Steinbeck’s books usually happen in California, but The Pearl (affiliate link) happens in Mexico. The story comes from Mexican folklore and Hollywood made it into a movie as soon as Steinbeck published it.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Pearl by John Steinbeck – audiobook cover in my Libby app

I listened to this book on Libby, the library app. Somehow, most books I find there this year are available on audio format more than in e-book form. It poses a challenge to me because auditory processing is not my strong suit. However, it seems to work. It stretches my skills and helps me utilize the time I have at co-op, when I am waiting on my children to finish their classes. Continue reading »

Book 6 of 50 – Of Mice and Men

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John Steinbeck published several novellas, among them “Of Mice and Men” (affiliate link). Initially, I wanted to read “Grapes of Wrath,” but its length gave me pause. After finding “Of Mice and Men” on my library app, Libby, both as audio and ebook, I decided to read it. Actually, I listened to it.

Of Mice and Men cover

Of Mice and Men cover

George and Lennie represent the main characters, two drifters who work the fields in California, trying to save enough money to buy their own little plot of land. Mentally disabled and physically strong Lennie keeps smart, but uneducated George company as best he can. George protects Lennie from others and from himself, or at least he tries to. Continue reading »

Book 1 of 50 – 12 Rules for Life

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Back in August, I blogged about 12 Rules for Life and read seven of the 12 rules. Life happened, i.e. the new school year started. I started reading parenting books. I homeschooled the kids. Oh, yeah, homeschooling, remember homeschooling?

Book Cover, 12 Rules for Life

My own copy of this title

Four months went by and this book waited for me in a drawer, patiently. Once I decided to read 50 books in 2023, as part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I knew I wanted to finish Jordan Peterson’s masterpiece. Continue reading »