Here is where I post lists of curricula I have used, as well as what I use right now.

Please hover your mouse over Curricula and choose from the tabs listed under it, according to your interests, or see below for links.

For our First Grade and PreK, 2014-2015 curriculum, click here.

Several of you have asked for our curriculum choices and I have created some blog posts just with that information. Here the links, by grade: second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade.

To read the blog, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Curricula

    • Hello Kareen,
      If you hover on “Curricula” you should see some other tabs underneath, like Preschool. That’s where I have a list of programs I used with my children when they were 3. Congratulations on making such a brave and loving decision! 🙂 Just in case you can’t find the Preschool tab under Curricula, here’s the link

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