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  1. I contacted you previously with a question regarding the Accountable Kids materials you shared. You have not printed a reply. If you would prefer to email me your response, I will be grateful.

  2. Is the Accountable Kids Kit still available? I have the book, watched the YouTube videos, and am eager to buy the materials in the kit, but when I type in the website, there is a totally different program there! Is the company out of business??

    • I don’t know more than you do about their program. There seems to be a Facebook group of parents who still use the program, adapting with boards from hobby stores etc. Amazon sells their used book. It is very possible they have gone out of business. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Have you sent them a message, the people behind this new program?

  3. Saw where your kids took TeraNova3 for their achievement test. We are new to Homeschool this year due to Covid. My 4th grader will need to take the TeraNova 3 test in the spring. Could you be so kind as to tell me who you go through to do so. Thanks you

  4. Hello! I just found your blog while searching for information on the Knoxville Symphany. I live about 40 minutes outside of Knoxville and am a homeschool mom too! Do you have an email list or any way you send notifications on new blog posts? Thanks!

    • Hi Kacie,
      Yes, I do have an email list. You get on it by clicking on the blue book cover on the right, “21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool.” Every Monday evening at 8PM EST, you will receive an email with the latest posts from the previous week. Thanks for checking in! When your kids join the youth symphony, do let me know so we can meet.

  5. Have really enjoyed your SotW posts. Thank you for sharing them. As a moderator for the ‘Story of the World Vol 1’ facebook page, I’ve been able to use and direct people to your posts. 🙂

  6. I am SO glad I found your blog through Bilingual Avenue. I am also a Christian mom that is planning to homeschool my two little girls bilingually and would also Love to introduce French. So when I saw you were doing the same, I was SO glad to see that this is doable. The only difference is that instead of Romanian, I’m doing Spanish. Lol
    So we all already speak Spanish in the home while living in the US so that part is easier, toddler already speaks only Spanish. So my question to you is how do you introduce English as far as reading and writing since you are homeschooling and girls won’t have that piece from school.
    Thank you!!

    • Hello Dionne,
      So great to meet a kindred spirit! Reading in English – we use The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise. Writing – Logic of English Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive. I started when my oldest was 5 years old but I believe in watching for signs of readiness. Every child is different. My son was reading at a 3rd grade level when we started Kindergarten, so we were in a different situation than the parents of K students who don’t show an interest in reading at all. I have more info under Curricula (main menu above) and a post about Rhythm of Handwriting (look under Categories).

  7. Adriana Zoder,
    Registration is now open for the 2015 Talented and Gifted program at Walters State Community College. I am providing a link to the registration page for your parents/students.

    Background Information on the Talented and Gifted Program:
    The Talented and Gifted Program was initiated by Walters State Community College in April of 1982. The program’s inception was the result of a request by the Superintendent of Cocke County Schools proposing that Walters State Community College design an instructional program to provide enrichment activities geared toward gifted students in the upper East Tennessee area.

    Now in its 33rd year, T.A.G. 2015 – with a projected enrollment of up to 500 students from 13 area public school systems, private schools and home school cooperatives – consists of approximately 35 programs offered multiple times which have been designed to stimulate and challenge East Tennessee’s gifted students from the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The classes are instructed by area experts and will be conducted in such a manner as to encourage student participation in hands-on activities, as well as verbal participation.

    The staff of the Division of Workforce Training at Walters State Community College, along with T.A.G. 2015 faculty members, is pleased to have the opportunity to work with area educators in implementing and presenting this program on an annual basis.

  8. Hi. I just started homeschooling last week and I was on a hunt for some better cursive curriculum. I was interested in Romanian cursive because that’s what I’ve been taught as a child. I’m so glad I found your blog. Are there any work books or free printables for the Romanian cursive that I could buy/order here in the U.S? I have a hard tine finding anything that has the slanted lines.

  9. I am struggling with sending my kids to public school v/s HomeSchool and I hear wonderful things about your success. May I ask your thoughts?

    • I struggled with the thought of sending my son to public school (or any school that lasted for 7 hours a day for that matter). My husband was my first obstacle. My own fear and lack of self-confidence were my second obstacle. Then, my desire for a career outside the home was my last but not least obstacle.

      It took me about two years to debate with myself and my husband and God. I felt called by God to homeschool and He prevailed. He convinced my husband to allow it for the first year and now Matt is my number 1 fan and has become a homeschool advocate. 🙂

      I don’t know your situation. I know women who have to work and they manage to homeschool. I know a single mom here in Sevier County – the father was not involved at all in the raising of that child – who is getting ready to graduate her homeschooled son all the way through high-school. I know it can be done. There are books and blogs that will tell you how. I have a book called Flourish written by a mom of four boys whose husband left her when her youngest was six months old. She made it through by working from home as a writer/editor and homeschooling.

      If this is God’s voice you are hearing, you need to give Him a chance to show you He qualifies the called. He does not usually call the qualified. (I apologize if you are not religious.)

      If you want to see what materials I use etc. I welcome you to my home one day. Our kids can play together and I will answer any questions you may have.

  10. Hi. I came across your homeschooling blog and what really interests me is you teaching your kids Romanian.

    I was born originally in Canada, but my parents are from Romania and my husband was born in Romania too. We have 5 kids, the oldest being 8 years old. My Romanian is not the best at all. I try to speak as much Romanian at possible but I struggle with it a lot. I would love to teach them more. We attend a Romanian speaking church but my kids struggle with this too.

    I was wondering, where do you get your resources for teaching Romanian? Online websites? Books? I would love to get some curriculum going but I don’t know where to start.

    Thank you much

    • Hello Claudia. Most of my resources are books in Romanian, published in Romania, brought by my family on their visits over here. I speak with my children as much as I can. We do not have the luxury of a Romanian church nearby. The internet is a great resource of Romanian things. I would use and search “carti pentru copii” or “filme pentru copii” or “pagini internet pentru copii.” Depending on how much you limit screen time, – we only allow them 30 minute a day – you can get some exposure that way. The idea is to get fluency going, not just vocabulary, and it builds over time. You must be patient. 🙂 Here’s a Romanian bookstore in Chicago: Here’s a Toronto library offering materials in Romanian: You might want to ask your local library if they have an inter-library loan program to get Romanian books for children. Reading is the best way to learn a language. Hope this helps.

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