Mom Monday Week 17 – Rocking OPCs

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First, an explanation: OPCs = Other People’s Children. Before deciding to homeschool, I thought I would go teach other people’s children for a living while my own are in their respective classrooms. I never followed through with that plan because I felt short-changed.

How could I be away from my children for seven hours a day? How could I step aside and allow another person to see the sparkle of “now I get it” in their eyes? Homeschooling became the only solution my heart could accept.

It’s one thing to leave your school-age children behind for the day. It’s another thing altogether to leave your baby behind. Thankfully, I did not have to do either.

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Now, let’s take it to another level. If you have five minutes, grab a box of tissues and watch this clip from Paris je t’aime.

You don’t need to speak French to understand what is going on. There’s not much dialogue.  Continue reading »