Book 44 of 50 – Tennessee Woman

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Wilma Dykeman wrote several books and newspaper columns and lived in Tennessee. Tennessee Woman, An Infinite Variety is an interesting list of outstanding women from Tennessee who have made a difference in the lives of others.

Tennessee Woman, An Infinite Variety

This book is actually an updated version of a previous project

From Dolly Parton to Pat Summit and less famous women in between, Dykeman walks you through a series of role models. Continue reading »

Book 38 of 50 – The Tall Woman

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A homeschooling mom friend recommended The Tall Woman to me. She said it was one of her favorite books. A novel set in the Smoky Mountains during and after the Civil War, The Tall Woman (affiliate link) checks all the boxes for a historical novel: accuracy of detail, realism, strong plot, larger-than-life protagonist and supporting characters, and romance.

The Tall Woman

My friend gave me a copy of this book as a gift.

Wilma Dykeman, the author, lived in this area. She was born and raised in Asheville, NC and got married in Newport, TN. Both cities are one hour from where we live, in two different directions. Continue reading »