Book 44 of 50 – Tennessee Woman

Wilma Dykeman wrote several books and newspaper columns and lived in Tennessee. Tennessee Woman, An Infinite Variety is an interesting list of outstanding women from Tennessee who have made a difference in the lives of others.

Tennessee Woman, An Infinite Variety

This book is actually an updated version of a previous project

From Dolly Parton to Pat Summit and less famous women in between, Dykeman walks you through a series of role models.

I found out that Tennessee was THE state which pushed the vote for women to the winning side on a national level, among other things. Putting that aside, the book feels like a definitive feminist manifesto. I have mixed feelings about feminism, so I will just stop at this.

The only gripe I have against the book is its organization. There is no clearly defined boundary between chapters. It feels like one long speech with no pause for a breath.

I would have maybe put categories together, of women in sports, music, politics, science, judicial system etc. Or I would have organized it all chronologically: 1700s, 1800, 1900s etc.

It all just flows together like a river that can be overwhelming at times. When do I put down the book? After I have read 25 more pages? There is no natural break in the way it flows.

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