Book 43 of 50 – Smoky Mountain Black Bears

Courtney Lix wrote a very useful book about our beloved black bears, Smoky Mountain Black Bears. I call it a picture book for adults.

Smoky Mountain Black Bears

The book is written in FAQ style

The pictures are actual photographs of black bears in the Smokies. The content is strictly nonfiction – different facts about the bears.

As someone who loves bears, I have always been very fond of living in this area. We get them on our patio, in our yard, and our security cameras capture them all the time. They are adorable.

I love how they seem klutzy in the way they walk. The book explains the reason. Their rear legs are longer than their front legs, which helps with climbing trees. Who knew?

Another thing I learned is that during the fall season, as they seek food, the bears move around the park quite a bit. The rangers call it “the great shuffle.” Isn’t that adorable?

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