Our Son Got Baptized

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As I said in this post about our 2022 electronic fast, our son planned to receive baptism this month. Well, it just happened. My husband and I are thankful to God for calling our son and for our son’s willingness to respond to the Holy Spirit.

Teenage boy getting baptized in the lake

Our son got baptized at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp on July 15, 2023.

Last summer, our son responded to an appeal in church. We encouraged him to contact the pastor to start studying the Bible in preparation for baptism. Knowing what the Bible says on key issues specific to our faith plays a huge role in grounding a new believer in Christ. Continue reading »

10 Years of Homeschooling

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Our summer break starts today. This concludes our tenth year of homeschooling. Our son finished 9th grade. According to the law, he started out with Kindergarten (or Year 0 as it is known in some countries). Hence, 10 years of homeschooling.

Girl playing violin

I am holding her book as she warms up before her violin recital.

Words do not come easy to describe the last decade. My husband and I are happy we went this route – let us start there. Then, we can say that we plan to continue on this road until high school graduation for both. Continue reading »

Kids U Summer Camps

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The University of Tennessee in Knoxville runs a program called Kids U Summer Camps every summer, i.e. courses for children grades 3rd-12th in diverse fields. From computers to arts and cooking, your child can study a new field or deepen her knowledge of a field she already likes.

Kids U Summer Camps

Our daughter on the first day attending App Attack

Kids U Summer Camps demand a lot out of me. I have to drive two hours both ways to get there. But we do it anyway. Kids U courses happen for one week, Monday-Friday for three hours every day. This translates to a five-hour day at a minimum for us. Continue reading »