Our Son Got Baptized

As I said in this post about our 2022 electronic fast, our son planned to receive baptism this month. Well, it just happened. My husband and I are thankful to God for calling our son and for our son’s willingness to respond to the Holy Spirit.

Teenage boy getting baptized in the lake

Our son got baptized at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp on July 15, 2023.

Last summer, our son responded to an appeal in church. We encouraged him to contact the pastor to start studying the Bible in preparation for baptism. Knowing what the Bible says on key issues specific to our faith plays a huge role in grounding a new believer in Christ.

After the 15 lessons required for baptism, my son asked the pastor to go through the book of Revelation with him, verse by verse. Through it all, our son absorbed everything like a sponge.

In May, the pastor moved to Florida, to minister in a different congregation. Our son has always wanted to get baptized in the lake at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp in Georgia. Graciously, the pastor agreed to drive to Georgia while my son attended camp there this summer. They have a beautiful lake and the whole campus speaks of God’s majesty.

When you have mini conversion experiences at a camp every summer, you feel more connected to that water than the water in the baptistry at your local church. The Cohutta staff and counselors play a huge role in all the baptisms that take place there. We are grateful for their influence in our son’s life. Also, we thank the pastor for working with our son and driving from Florida to Georgia to perform the baptism.

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