Dropping Children at Camp

It used to be really hard. Seven years ago, when we started taking our children to camp in Georgia, it was rather strange. Now, it is not as strange, but it still makes you stop and wonder, “Why am I doing this?”

Family in Cabin

Inside her cabin, just before dropping her off

As soon as we returned home without our daughter, only with our son, the house felt empty. Playing cards with our son made it feel much better, but it still made me stop and think, “Where is she? What is she doing right now? Is she having a good time?”

Parents. We never stop thinking about our children. Until you become a parent, you do not understand this. Our daughter attends a weeklong camp at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp in Georgia in the Tween category. They have weeks based on ages.

It starts as early as age 7 and it goes all the way up to 17. The staff work hard to make sure the kids stay safe while having a good time. They can choose different activities but they also rotate to do other things. Among other things, they have horseback riding, archery, BMX, paintball, lake activities, swimming pool, arts and crafts etc. They have worship services and delicious vegetarian meals with vegan options.

ACA Accreditation

ACA Accreditation

The campus is over 200 acres in rural Georgia, just over the border with Tennessee. They have cabins with 10 students each and young counselors who oversee the hour-by-hour operations. Adult staff manage the place, which is accredited by the American Camp Association.

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