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When I started this blog in August, I looked around for some mommy blog directories where I can meet other mommy bloggers. I found, but I could not join right away. They have really high standards to join. For starters, one must have been blogging for at least three months before applying. Then, there are some other criteria.

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I put it on my calendar to apply in November and started blogging my heart out about my passion, which is homeschooling my children. I almost forgot about joining this site, but my calendar reminded me about it.

So when my blog turned three months old, I applied to and got accepted. I immediately put their badge on the right side menu for all to see and vote for me.

I have not said much about them because I did not want anybody to get confused between the voting going on at Homeschool Blog Awards and this voting, at Top Mommy Blogs.

The Top Mommy Blogs website is ranked highly for its high quality content, as well as for the many incoming links from all these amazing, quality blogs. If you are into coupons, head over there right now because they have a special section for coupon blogs. Many other blogging categories are represented, from adoption stories to working moms, to spiritual and religious, to travel and activities.

And yes, there is the homeschooling category, where I am ranked #3 at the moment. Those rankings vary based on the number of people that vote for me from my blog’s front page – see badge on the right-hand menu. Every time you visit my site, you can click on that badge to be taken to their site – which gives me a vote.

What do I win? Recognition in the homeschooling category and overall. In other words, higher rankings on their page. Which means more traffic – more opportunities for me to help a homeschooling mom who is perhaps going through what I am going through. If I don’t get clicks, over time, they take me off their site. Not good. So please click for me on the badge below, above, or from the right hand menu. Whenever you remember, whenever you have an extra second. Thank you!

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