Protons and Neutrons

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Protons and Neutrons is a great book for your budding chemist. Written by Mary Wissinger, this can qualify as a “my first science textbook” without being all boring and fact-focused, produced by Genius Games.

It is a picture book which introduces small children to the concept of protons, neutrons, and electrons. More specifically, what they do, what their charges are and how they are attracted to each other. Also, how chemical elements are defined through the number of protons they possess.

Protons and Neutrons book for children

One of the pages inside the book

Pete is the Proton, Ned is the Neutron, and the electron does not get a name, but one can tell it is a girl. My six-year-old daughter loved the electron because she loves to see girls and feminine details everywhere.

The first question I got from the kids after I finished reading the book was, “Can we read it again?” The second question was, “Is there another book?” meaning “Is there a sequel to this book?” I answered, “Not yet.”  Continue reading »