Preschool is such a buzzword these days. Personally, I am of the persuasion that, when it comes to introducing formal educational experiences, it is “Better Late Than Early.” Research and real life confirm this theory postulated by Dr. Raymond Moore, with whom I had the privilege of working in Sweden and, later, in the United States, at his educational foundation.

As Dr. Moore put it, “Preschool 101 is obedience.” In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Let the child’s first lesson be obedience, and the second will be what thou wilt.”

All of the above do not translate into letting the children run around all day without any thought behind their activities.

I have included a list of some of the curricula I have used with my children from ages 0-5:

1. Imagination Library books

2. Before Five in a Row

3. My Bible First, Cradle Roll

4. Gracelink, Beginner

5. Swim lessons at the Gatlinburg Community Center

6. Singapore Math

7. Bears! Bears! Bears! (math book and teddybear counters)

8. In the Hands of a Child (lapbooks)

9. Field trips: Ripley’s Aquarium, the Knoxville ZooPetting Zoo, supermarket, post office, fire department, construction sites

10. Library Story Times

11. Lego EducationSimple MachinesSimple and Motorized Mechanisms

12. Blocks and more blocks

13. Riding toys (tricycle, bicycle, scooter, golf cart)

14. Church services

15. Vacation Bible School

16. Ball activities

17. Gardening

18. Hiking

19. Betty Lukens, Through the Bible in Felts

20. Accountable Kids

No preschool teacher loves my children more than I do. No preschool teacher is as invested into their lives and development as I am. No preschool teacher is more qualified than mom.

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