Book 34 of 50 – A Walk in the Woods

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The funniest book I have ever read, A Walk in the Woods (Amazon Affiliate link) by Bill Bryson  details a long hike along the Appalachian Trail. Bryson felt inspired to hike the AT out of the blue, in his mid-forties. Midlife crisis? Probably.

A Walk in the Woods

I laughed with tears while reading the first half of the book.

His wife tried to talk him out of it. Somehow, he managed to persuade her to let him do this crazy thing. The only person who accepted to come along with him was an overweight, out-of-shape former high school friend. The two went through several adventures together, including a bear sniffing at their tent. Continue reading »

Book 10 of 50 – Humorous Stories & Sketches

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Mark Twain can be funny. In Humorous Stories & Sketches (affiliate link), he is super funny. I especially enjoyed “Journalism in Tennessee.” Since I dabble in journalism as a local, lifestyle columnist for my local newspaper AND I live in Tennessee, this story seemed particularly suited to my situation.

Mark Twain Humorous Stories & Sketches

Mark Twain Humorous Stories & Sketches – my copy

Of course, thank God, we do not have to face the kind of tribulations as the newspaper editor Twain worked for while in Tennessee. The humor came not only from the description of the violence Twain had to face alongside his boss. It especially stemmed from the edits the boss made to Twain’s reporting. Continue reading »