How to Pack a Lunch

Homeschool mamas do not pack lunches, right? We are at home with our children and teach them in the morning while our instant pot or slow cooker prepares lunch for us, right? Or we cook with our children, thus checking two boxes: home ec and lunch prep, right? Wrong.

Bread Box

Our new bread box

These days, homeschool moms find themselves on the road with their children. A lot. Co-op, music lessons, orchestra, errands… All of a sudden, you have to pack a lunch because you do not want to have another fast food meal. Ever. You are done with that folly.

So, how do you pack a lunch? First of all, you need a cooler. You never really know when you will have that lunch and you do not want bacteria growing in your food, especially when the temperature outside is above 50F.

Secondly, you need glass containers or thermoses or food cups. Whatever you do, stay away from plastic containers, even the BPA-free kind. Trust me on this. Or don’t. Do your own research. You are only one Google search away from finding out that even BPA-free plastic is harmful.

Thirdly, pack sandwiches and soup, crackers and nuts, fruit and raw vegetables with dips. Cheese cubes are nice and so are boiled eggs. Chili, rice and stir-fry, pita bread pockets, Asian/Italian/Mediterranean bowls… The sky is the limit, once you have the proper packaging.

Don’t forget the water. Lots and lots of water. How many times have I been in town and we ran out of water? We each bring a bottle along, but some days are longer than others. Suffice it to say, we have learned to bring two quarts per person.

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