Our 2014-2015 Curriculum

Our eclectic homeschool combines the classical method à la Susan Wise Bauer, some Charlotte Mason ideas, and the Moore Formula.

For the 2014-2015 school year, we follow The Well-Trained Mind suggestions for first grade, add a bit more art and music appreciation, and take a relaxed approach to it all. After all, when the 180 days of official school are over, learning does not stop. We homeschool year round, with lots of breaks. As such, I don’t feel compelled to finish a textbook by a certain date in spring. 

We go at the pace of the students. And since they are very, very young still, my main concern is for them to

  • play outside a lot
  • have limited screen time
  • help more around the house with age-appropriate chores
  • build character
  • learn to know God
  • add vocabulary (I recently logged our 1,000 books before kindergarten.)

Here are our 2014-2015 curriculum choices:

My daughter, PreKindergarten

  • Horizons Preschool
  • Rod and Staff Preschool
  • Romanian preschool workbooks
  • Random preK materials we picked from bookstores
  • Violin and piano lessons with me for now
  • She joins us for Bible, History, Arts and Crafts, Lapbooking, French, Romanian, read-aloud books and Science experiments.
Mom reads a Pete the Cat book to her children in a bookstore

Reading a Pete the Cat book at Barnes and Noble

My son, First Grade



Writing Logic of English Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive




Spelling Spelling Workout – second semester


Grammar First Language Lessons, Level 1 – second semester


Writing Writing With Ease, Level 1 – second semester



  • Through the Bible in Felts (Betty Lukens)
  • GraceLink Primary Lessons
  • Adventurer Club (he will be a “Busy Bee” this year – it’s like scouting, but with a religious component)




Mother Tongue – Romanian

  • Romanian books which I read to the kids on a regular basis
  • I speak to him in Romanian 90% of the time
  • Romanian primer similar to the one I used as a first grader




Home Ec

  • Chores around the house
  • Helping with cooking




HistoryStory of the World, Vol. 1





  • Lapbooking (maybe one or two, as he does not enjoy it all that much)
  • Sewing buttons (he loves it!)
  • Beginning embroidery (on cold winter days)


P. E. 

  • Soccer at Berean Christian School (one hour per week, for fun and to develop gross motor skills; he is not part of their soccer team; this is called soccer practice, which they provide for those interested)
  • Homeschool P.E. at the Pigeon Forge Community Center (probably volleyball)
  • Swim lessons


Field Trips – Too many to list


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