How to Prepare for College Free Webinar

I am excited to announce a new partnership between and It all starts with a free webinar, High School Simplified, on August 8, at 3pm EST. The topic is, in a nutshell, how to prepare for college. helps families be ready for college. Besides test preparation, they will give you a way to sift through the many choices and opportunities available.

How to prepare for college webinar

Personally, I have always wanted to learn how to prepare for college. Some homeschoolers do not necessarily see college as a goal for their children. I do.


Degree or no degree?

Sometimes, a computer whiz starts his own IT consulting business at 16. As he progresses, no college professor can teach him anything anymore. Sure, we understand such situations exist.

However, for most professions, a college degree represents the only way onto the job market. As a result, doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses can only work if they have a degree.

When we look beyond middle school, high school looms large. For most people, high school is mostly about how to prepare for college. offers test preparation for the ACT and the SAT. Also, you can think of them as a private guidance counselor.

How to Prepare for College Webinar tea and scones

Got tea and scones for the webinar?

High School Simplified is a free webinar which promises to take the stress out of high school. During the webinar, you will receive three free downloads to help you implement their recommendations. Even if your children are not in high school yet, you might want to listen in.

Do you really want to wait until somebody asks how you will homeschool through high school? How you will prepare your children for college? Get ready now because knowledge is power.


Sign up for High School Simplified to reserve your free spot. Thus, you will receive reminders between now and August 8. Matthew Bullington, the gentleman behind, has been a college consultant for 10 years. In addition to that, Mr. Bullington has personally received over $500,000 in scholarship money.

Mr. Bullington has spoken about preparing for college to groups in 35 states. He has been helping teenagers prepare for the ACT and SAT since 2008. Moreover, Matthew Bullington has written a book about scholarships. Finally, he has prepared 5 DVDs on college preparation, too.

Who is ready to listen? I know I am.

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