Self-Care for Homeschool Moms

We homeschool moms stay so focused on our children and their education, that we forget ourselves in the process. We do not have enough time to invest in our appearance. Should we just admit it now? We obsess over curriculum choices and schedule options. Self-care for homeschool moms does not just happen.

Self-care for homeschool moms

Self-care for homeschool moms can include checking out a fashion magazine at the bookstore

I have been there and done that. I have neglected my own physical and emotional needs and wants. You don’t plan for this. It just happens, as you zoom into your children’s education and needs.

None of us wake up in the morning thinking, “Today I will focus on the kids and not on my hair. I will forget all about self-care for homeschool moms today.” Moms are chemically wired to put their little ones first.

So how about some thoughts on our needs and the self-care that homeschool moms should try to opt for regularly? When mama is happy, everybody is happy. Here are some tips about self-care for homeschool moms:

First, start with your daily physical needs: eight hours of sleep, three nutritious meals, eight glasses of water, and at least 30 minutes of exercise. Change whatever needs to change in your environment and schedule so that you can accomplish these goals for yourself.

Secondly, think about your emotional and spiritual needs. Read a book that deals with whatever issues you are facing in your emotional and spiritual journey. Even half a page of positive, thought-provoking ideas read before you go to bed or early in the morning will make a big difference.

Third, have fun with your clothes and hair. Have you forgotten to be a girl? Do you need a haircut? A different styling tool? A new every day handbag? Changes do not have to be expensive in order to make you feel 100% better about your own style.

Shop for new outfits in your closet. Look for new combinations and dig through those back items that you forgot you had. Take out items that you do not wear or enjoy. If they have sentimental value, take a picture. You can either donate these clothes now or box them up for you to open them up in a year.

Once, I went through a box of items I saved in my closet “for later.” I found three items I would want to wear again and donated the rest. Again, I felt good that I could help somebody.

As you take care of yourself, your children notice. They will create better habits of self-care for themselves as they become adults and start taking care of their little ones. You will inspire your children to have self-respect and groom themselves in order to put beauty out into the world. We can all use a little more beauty around us.

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