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One more week of summer break and then we are off to the races! Maybe you have a few more weeks. But I need to think about starting in a very real way. What is there to do, once you got a plan, organized your schoolroom, and ordered your supplies? Put some finishing touches on your preparation.

Relaxing at the pool

Relax by the pool while you still can.

Start by putting yourself first. As I said in a blog post around this time last year, homeschool moms need self-care. Do you have enough time in the day to exercise and clear your mind at regular intervals? I need about 30 minutes every morning to myself: reading, writing, praying, answering urgent emails or social media communication with my family – these are all important to me as a person. If I do not take care of “me,” it will be incredibly hard to focus on my children’s needs for the rest of the day.

Do you have all the vitamins, toiletries, clothes, and accessories to live a comfortable, energetic, stylish life? Make sure you shop for yourself, too, as you look ahead at the new school year.

Secondly, go ahead and crack open that new curriculum, just for a minute. Get familiarized with the manipulatives and order any kind of inter-library loan titles you will need from the library in your first week of school.

Last by not least, remind your children this is their last week of summer break. This gives them an appreciation for every day and prepares their minds to start school soon. That first week is a bit of a shock to the system for everybody. Start slowly and softly, but start anyway. It helps if they get a bit prepared emotionally a few days before.

Oh, and choose a word for your school year. I think mine will be “chill.” Yes, this will be my “chill year.” We have goals, but we will take it easy. I have said that before, but I hope I have learned my lessons and will chill more and stress less this year.

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